Cheat In Casinos

How People Cheat In Casinos

Cheating in online slot refers to the activities and actions that are performed by certain people or even the house, which is illegal and prohibited by the regional gambling controlling authorities. A lot of people watch movies like “Oceans 11” and “24” and think that they can cheat in a casino and when thousands or even millions of the dollars but I feel that these people are just kidding themselves. This would also involve using some suspect apparatus or even using fraudulent chips so that they can misrepresent the game slot online malaysia. In the state of Nevada, for a person to cheat and a casino is actually considered a felony under the state law. This would mean that if you happened to cheat in a casino in the state of Nevada, it would end up in jail.

In a lot of jurisdictions, specific rules do not exist for cheating but, in states and countries where gambling is rampant and required because of tourism and whatnot and also considering the fact that casinos rake in billions of dollars, there have been some strong rules implemented as to what could happen to a person who was caught cheating in a casino.

It would help if you considered the fact that advantage play techniques are not exactly considered cheating. For example, you can consider card counting. Ben Affleck was one of the people that was caught card counting, and he was banned and thrown out of the casino, but he was not arrested and put into jail. Online casinos have actually become really vulnerable to a lot of cheating methods.

Here are some ways people cheat in casinos


  • Past posting happens when a bet is won, and a player places a smaller denomination chip with some large denomination ones.
  • Card marking refers to various methods which mark the cards during a play, which helps in cheating.
  • Usually, marked decks involve the collusion of casino employees as well, and it could actually be possible for a marked deck to be introduced into the play. This would mean that even the casino employees are in on it. Casinos have actually been known to replace their cards very often at the tables, and they have also been known to either sell or just give away used decks of cards. The cards are actually cut or altered before they are sold or given away. This is done so that it prevents some cheaters from buying these used decks and then using the cards to cheat at table games by keeping them under the table and whatnot.
  • People have been trying a lot to manipulate slot machines, and they have come up with a couple of methods for altering the outcome of slot machine games.


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